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6m Internal Halyard

Our flag poles range from 3m in height to 25m in height and are designed to withstand winds of up to 180kms per hour. Higher and greater load poles are available to special order. Poles over 6m tall are delivered in sections for ease of transport. Spun sockets enable simple assembly.

6m Internal Halyard goldspar

Pole: Internal Halyard goldspar
Height: 6 Metre
Material : Aluminium 6063T6
Finishes: Whisper white powder coated / 20 Micron Clear Anodise
Shape: Round Aluminium tube
Flag: Three yard

Mounting: Spigot B , (Aluminium base plate)
Rag bolts set in foundations.

Aluminium poles are the superior option since
they are more durable than timber, steel or fibreglass

Specification Description:

6m 2-piece aluminium goldspar, bottom section 100mm OD x 2.5mm wall x 6.5m long, top 2.5m long section tapered from 100mm OD to 46mm OD with a neat socket joint into bottom section, cast Al mushroom-shaped finial, white powder coated finish, spigot B [aluminium base plate
195mm square + 2m structural aluminium tube] with 4 x M20 x 600mm long galvanised steel
foundation bolts, external halyard and flag clips ready to fly a 3 yard flag. FP9100SBEH